When Damaged, Exchange Only the Mesh

Mesh Exchangeable Oil Strainer

This is a classic oil strainer for business. It scoops oil cake with mesh No. 40 and prevents oxidation of oil.
The feature of this product is that the mesh is exchangeable. It is easy to exchange mesh, because the mesh is attached by only bending four plate tabs. Compared with conventional products, you can use it for a long time while exchanging the mesh.

There are several sizes.

NumberDiameter, heightTax-included
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No.1140, 55mm1190 yen
No.2190, 60mm1450 yen
No.3215, 60mm1630 yen
No.4230, 70mm2110 yen
No.5265, 80mm2230 yen

Oil Strainer Mesh for Exchanging

These are meshes dedicated to the above oil strainer.

Purchase button
for No.197mm430 yen
for No.2 and 3125mm450 yen
for No.4155mm530 yen
for No.5175mm630 yen

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