Stainless Steel Oil Squeezer,
Easy to Maintain

Stainless Steel Oil Squeezer Double type

This is an "oil squeezer" to get lard.
It has a double structure. It has a system to squeeze meat with the inner cylinder with many holes and let lard flow to the bottom of the outer cylinder. At last lard flows out throgh the one hole of the outer cylinder.
The residue after squeezing becomes hard, and sometimes it becomes difficult to remove it. But, you can easily remove the remaining residue, because it is so easy to remove the bottom plate of the inner cylinder.
This product is made by Marushin Co., Ltd. in Japan. Main parts are made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

  • Diameter of inner cylinder : 250mm
  • Diameter of outer cylinder : 290mm
  • Height(handle in low position) : 870 mm
  • Length of handle : 492mm
  • Weight : about 30 kg
  • Tax-included price : 125400 yen
  • Remarks : [Non-returnable]
  • Out of stock

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