Alumite Sheet and Tray

Alumite Cake Sheet

An alumite is a kind of surface finish using acid. Semi-glossy gray surface is finished of sulfuric acid.
Cake Sheet is much popular tool for cooking. It is used for verious purpose.
It has a feature that it is lighter than stainless steel, and it cools down faster than stainless steel when put in a refrigerator.

SizeWidth, Depth, heightThicknessTax-included
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Cabinet221, 160, 17mm0.6mm315 yen
S291, 206, 17mm0.65mm435 yen
M322, 235, 18mm0.65mm500 yen
L350, 256, 18mm0.73mm620 yen
LL417, 307, 25mm0.8mm1020 yen
XL447, 317, 26mm0.8mm1190 yen

Alumite Square Tray

This is a square tray. It is often used for free school lunch or set meal of restaurant.

SizeWidth, Depth, heightThicknessTax-included
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27cm281, 281, 23mm0.7mm810 yen
30cm314, 314, 25mm0.7mm870 yen
33cm344, 344, 28mm0.8mm990 yen
36cm377, 377, 31mm0.9mm1300 yen

Precautions for use

Compered with stainless steel products, aluminum one is vulnerable. Please avoid rough handling.
When put in the oven, it is not suitable for long time use at high temperature. Then, "warping" may appear.

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