High Grade Pastry Bag for Restaurant

Hi-ATICO Pastry Bag

The pastry bag is made of the matterial called "teflon taffeta". And it is coated with special plastics.
The size of the product is not related to the size of cake decorating tip. Please select size based on the quantity of foodstuff.
The table below shows the size of the long side and the short side when placing the bag on flat aspect. In the figure below, the long side is B and the short side is A. When seeing the size chart, please refer.

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No.1A 160, B 305mm,750 yen
No.2A 200, B 360mm900 yen
No.3A 240, B 415mm1130 yen
No.4A 265, B 470mm1240 yen
No.5A 285, B 510mm1360 yen

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