The Series of Benriner : Vegetable Cutter

This is an excellent vegetable cutter that makes cooking preparation quick and easy.
It has 3 kinds of blades like Comb. You can cut vegetables efficiently to make piece of vegetables in various thickness. You can also use it as slicer by removing blades of comb shape.
It is possible to adjust position, high and low of board. You can apply benriner in various ways in conjunction within conjunction with the replacement of the comb blade.
Incidentally, "benriner" is a coined word made by the manufacturer based on "便利 benri" meaning "convenience" in Japanese. The manufacturer's name is also "BENRINER.CO.,LTD.".


This is type of classic. You can do almost cooking work sufficiently.
  • Size : Length 314mm, Width 92mm, Hight 24mm
  • Size of board : Width 64mm
  • Space of comb blades : 1mm, 3mm, 7mm
  • Tax-included price : 2190 yen

Super Benriner No.95

This is a big type. It is possible to cut a big block of vegetable like cabbage efficiently.
  • Size : Length 365mm, Width 130mm, Hight 50mm
  • Size of board : Width 95mm
  • Space of comb blades : 1mm, 3mm, 11mm
  • Tax-included price : 4260 yen

Precautions for use

"Finger guard" is attached to this product. It protects fingers from blades, especialy in cutting small block of vegetable. You must use "Finger guard" for safety.

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