Eatable Cup Maker !

Bird's Nest Fryer

Bird's nest flyer is a tool for frying Chinese noodles, potatoes, bread and so on in a cup shape. It is named "bird's nest flyer", because finished cup looks like nest of birds.
You can create a menu full of originality depending on your ingenuity, such as putting thick soup or putting fruits in the deep-fried ingredients container.
The material is resistant to rust, and is stainless steel of good quality.

SizeDiameter, lengthTax-included pricePurchase button
Large127, 400mm1810 yen
Small88, 360mm1280 yen

Precautions for use

The bird's nest flyer has locking device. Please lock securely after putting foodstuff.
By being fried after flouring, the shape of Potatoes and bread does not collapse, and it finishes cleanly.

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