Cake Sheet and Draining Board

Stainless Steel Cake Sheet

Cake sheet is much popular tool for cooking. It is used for verious purpose. It is more sturdy than alminum one.
Size notation is American style. It represents the length of the diagonal line.

SizeWidth, depth, heightTax-included
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8 inch200, 140, 15mm430 yen
9 inch220, 155, 15mm475 yen
10 inch260, 175, 16mm550 yen
11 inch285, 205, 17mm630 yen
12 inch320, 230, 18mm790 yen
14 inch350, 250, 19mm990 yen
15 inch385, 285, 20mm1220 yen
16 inch415, 305, 20mm1420 yen
17 inch435, 320, 21mm1920 yen
18 inch465, 345, 22mm2190 yen
19 inch487, 362, 22mm2440 yen
20 inch513, 378, 22mm2720 yen
21 inch535, 397, 22mm2970 yen
22 inch563, 415, 22mm3260 yen

Draining Board for Cake Sheet

If you use it with cake sheet, sheet is useful as draining rack or tempra tray.
The gap of draining board is about 12mm.

SizeWidth, depthTax-included
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for 8 inch177, 117mm600 yen
for 9 inch195, 132mm710 yen
for 10 inch238, 159mm840 yen
for 11 inch267, 184mm1070 yen
for 12 inch295, 207mm1250 yen
for 14 inch326, 227mm1540 yen
for 15 inch360, 259mm1810 yen
for 16 inch391, 281mm2250 yen
for 17 inch414, 298mm2780 yen
for 18 inch432, 318mm3310 yen

Precautions for use

Stainless steel is very rust resistant material. But, it is not that stainless steel does not rust at all. Please wash with water and wipe off the water well, especialy after using salty liquid like Japanese soy sauce, "shoyu".

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