Chinese Cutting Board

Unique round shaped Chinese cutting board is a standard cooking tool in Chinese kitchen.
In the pastime, the Chinese cutting board was made by slicing natural woods simply. Now, Now, precise circular wood products and plastic products are on the rise.
In particular, plastic products are superior in terms of hygiene and are now mainstream.

Laminated Plastic Chinese Cutting Board

The user can remove the layer and renew the surface when the cutting board surface is damaged due to long-term use.
As professional use, diameter 400, thicness 100 mm is popular.
Diameter, thicknessTax-included
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500, 150mm63500 yen
500, 100mm42300 yen
450, 150mm51100 yen
450, 100mm34000 yen
400, 150mm43100 yen
400, 100mm28700 yen
350, 150mm36100 yen
350, 100mm24200 yen

K Type Plastic Chinese Cutting Board

This cutting board is made of 1 piece block plastic. This is cheaper than laminated cutting board.
Diameter, thicknessTax-included
Purchase button
500, 150mm42000 yen
500, 100mm28000 yen
450, 150mm33500 yen
450, 100mm22400 yen
400, 150mm27600 yen
400, 100mm18300 yen
350, 150mm23200 yen
350, 100mm15400 yen

Rubber-made Chinese Cutting Board

This is a cheap price Chinese cutting board made of hard rubber.
Diameter, thicknessTax-included
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About 450, 30mm27200 yen

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