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Aluminum Demaebako

This is a carrying box mainly used by Chinese restaurant for delivery. Besides delivery, it is also used to carry cooking at an outdoor party.
Size is based on the number of ramen bowl which demaebako can carry. It has vertical and horizontal type. It is able to put one bowl at each tier in the former one, two bowls at each tier in the latter one. Horizontal type can carry bigger dish or plate, because it does not have any dividing structure in the center. And, the height is changeable to some extent by changing position of shelf board.
There are a normal type using an aluminum plate of 0.7 mm thickness and a durable type using an aluminum plate of 1 mm thickness.

・Remarks : Free shipping(excluding Okinawa) except "Type 2, vertical, normal".

Size and typeWidth, depth, height(*)Tax-included
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Type 2, vertical, normal26, 25, 22cm10500 yen
Type 3, vertical, normal26, 25, 32cm11500 yen
Type 4, vertical, normal26, 25, 42cm12600 yen
Type 5, vertical, normal26, 25, 49.5cm14000 yen
Type 4, horizontal, normal47.5, 25, 22cm13400 yen
Type 6, horizontal, normal47.5, 25, 32cm14300 yen
Type 8, horizontal, normal47.5, 25, 42cm15700 yen
Type 10, horizontal, normal47.5, 25, 49.5cm17300 yen
Type 3, vertical, durable26, 25, 32cm15000 yen
Type 4, vertical, durable26, 25, 42cm16500 yen
Type 5, vertical, durable26, 25, 49.5cm18200 yen
Type 6, horizontal, durable47.5, 25, 32cm18700 yen
Type 8, horizontal, durable47.5, 25, 42cm20400 yen
Type 10, horizontal, durable47.5, 25, 49.5cm22600 yen

(*)Data of height is not including handle.

Precautions for use

Demaebako is made of aluminum. It is light but falling or collision may cause damage. Please do not handle it roughly.
Lids and shelves are separately sold as parts. If you want to request, please contact us.

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