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DON Tapered Sauce Pan

This is a product of AKAO ALUMINUM Corpolation's DON series. The "DON" series is a classic series for business that is made of AS3905 hard aluminum alloy, and realizes high thermal conductivity and high cost performance. It is a product of AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD , which is one of the leading nonferrous metal manufacturers in Japan.
Tapered sauce pan is a favorite item of professionals of western food. It is used for various purposes.

Outer diameter,
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15cm150, 69mm0.4kg4.0mmAbout 0.9 Litre2190 yen
18cm180, 74mm0.55kg4.0mm1.4 Litre3000 yen
21cm210, 79mm0.72kg4.0mm2.1 Litre3880 yen
24cm240, 85mm0.96kg4.0mm3.1 Litre5760 yen

How to choose a good pan etc.

The above capacity is in the full state to the top of the pot. Please consider that the practical capacity is about 70%.
If you are going to use it at home, it seems convinient to use products less than 21 cm.
Since this product is a product for business use, there is no cover to prevent heat from the handle. Please be careful of burns in use enough.

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