Double Handle Pot of "DON" series

This page introduces pots with double handle of "DON" series of AKAO ALUMINUM Corpolation, that is the leading aluminum manufacturer in Japan. With a luxurious hairline finish of high grade aluminum material and reasonable price, Akao gains great popularity among professional craftsmen.

DON Blunted Pot

The inner diameter of the blunted pot is as same as the depth. Using plenty of hot water, it is a perfect pot for boiling potetos and pasta etc..
・Remarks : 33〜60cm,[Non-returnable]

Outer diameter,
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18cm196, 180mm1.04kg2.6mm4.5 Litre4690 yen
21cm226, 210mm1.46kg2.6mm7.2 Litre5950 yen
24cm256, 240mm2.09kg3.0mm10.7 Litre7700 yen
27cm287, 270mm2.74kg3.0mm15.2 Litre9700 yen
30cm317, 300mm3.56kg3.2mm21 Litre11400 yen
33cm349, 330mm4.29kg3.2mmAbout 28 Litre14000 yen
36cm379, 360mm4.52kg3.4mm36 Litre16900 yen
39cm410, 390mm5.58kg3.6mm46 Litre22800 yen
42cm440, 420mm7.8kg3.6mm57 Litre26100 yen
45cm471, 450mm9.2kg3.8mm70 Litre32800 yen
48cm501, 480mm10.4kg4.0mm86 Litre38800 yen
51cm531, 510mm12.0kg4.2mm103 Litre46200 yen
54cm563, 540mm13.6kg4.2mm122 Litre55600 yen
60cm623, 600mm15.7kg4.2mm161 Litre65100 yen

DON Half Blunted Pot

Regardless of its name, Half blunted pot has about two thirds of the depth of blunted pot. Half blunted pot is more versatile than blunted pot. Half blunted pot is suitable for stew, curry etc..
・Remarks : 33〜36cm,[Non-returnable]

Outer diameter,
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18cm196, 130mm1.0kg2.6mm3.2 Litre4510 yen
21cm226, 150mm1.4kg2.6mm5.1 Litre5190 yen
24cm256, 170mm1.9kg3.0mm7.5 Litre6320 yen
27cm287, 180mm2.35kg3.0mm10.1 Litre8010 yen
30cm317, 200mm3.1kg3.1mm13.9 Litre9390 yen
33cm349, 210mm3.7kg3.2mmAbout 17 Litre11400 yen
36cm379, 230mm4.5kg3.3mm23 Litre14000 yen
39cm410, 240mm5.0kg3.6mm28 Litre16700 yen
42cm440, 270mm6.5kg3.6mm36 Litre21200 yen
45cm471, 290mm7.1kg3.8mm45 Litre25600 yen
48cm501, 320mm8.1kg4.0mm57 Litre31000 yen
51cm531, 350mm10.0kg4.0mm70 Litre38800 yen
54cm563, 380mm11.4kg4.2mm86 Litre47600 yen
60cm623, 400mm13.5kg4.2mm111 Litre56300 yen

DON Stew Pan

The Stew Pan is the most shallow in blunted pots with double handle.
It is commonly used for boiled fish, saute and so on.
・Remarks : 18cm,33〜60cm,[Non-returnable]

Outer diameter,
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18cm196, 65mm0.85kg2.7mm1.5 Litre4000 yen
21cm226, 70mm1.2kg2.9mm2.3 Litre4690 yen
24cm256, 80mm1.5kg3.0mm3.4 Litre5320 yen
27cm287, 90mm1.8kg3.0mm4.9 Litre6570 yen
30cm317, 100mm2.2kg3.0mm6.8 Litre7700 yen
33cm349, 110mm2.7kg3.0mmAbout 9.1 Litre9390 yen
36cm379, 110mm3.5kg3.1mm11.9 Litre11400 yen
39cm410, 130mm4.2kg3.3mm15 Litre13700 yen
42cm440, 140mm5.0kg3.5mm18 Litre16400 yen
45cm471, 150mm5.7kg3.8mm23 Litre20600 yen
48cm501, 160mm6.5kg3.8mm28 Litre24700 yen
51cm531, 170mm7.2kg4.0mm33 Litre31000 yen
54cm563, 190mm8.8kg4.0mm42 Litre35000 yen
60cm623, 210mm10.9kg4.0mm58 Litre41300 yen

How to choose a good pot etc.

The above capacity is in the full state to the top of the pot. Please consider that the practical capacity is about 70%.
If you are going to use it at home, it seems convinient to use products less than 21 cm in blunted pot or half blunted pot and less than 27 cm less in stew pan.
Since this product is a product for business use, there is no cover to prevent heat from the handle. Please be careful of burns in use enough.

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