Handmade High Grade Copper Grater

Japanese Copper Grater

This grater is made of copper, and is tinned. It is used mainly by cook of Japanese food.
Japanese grater has no hole unlike Western one. Grated hood slides down.
The front and back have different pitch blade. The large pitch blade is used for radish or carrot etc.. The small pitch blade is used for ginger or wasabi.
There are two kinds of way to make blade. Namely That is handmade one or machine made one. Our item is the finest handmade product.

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#1300mm181mm15000 yen
#2276mm165mm13600 yen
#3247mm150mm10800 yen
#4226mm127mm7530 yen
#5209mm113mm6600 yen
#6193mm105mm5700 yen

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