Copper Egg Pan for "sushi" craftman

Japanese copper egg pan
kanto type

This is a copper egg pan for sushi craftman.
It is made of copper, and is tinned inside. Egg is baked deliciously, because Copper has excellent heat conduction.
Kanto type pan is used by sushi craftman. It has a square shape. Size of a sheet of laver ordinary 19, 21cm. So, craftman mainly uses 21cm Kanto type pan.
Please order the egg plank of the photo from below separately.

・Remarks : 24〜30cm,[Non-returnable]

SizeInner width,
length, depth
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15cm150, 150, 30mm0.56kg3020 yen
18cm180, 180, 33mm0.77kg3700 yen
21cm210, 210, 36mm1.23kg5670 yen
24cm240, 240, 39mm1.51kg6800 yen
27cm270, 270, 40mm2.02kg9220 yen
30cm300, 300, 40mm2.32kg11300 yen

Egg Plank for Kanto Type

Egg plank is not lid. Its size is a bit smaller than pan. So, egg plank falls into pan. It is used for shaping the thick-baked egg.
Egg pan and egg plank are separate items. Please also order separately. egg plank is for only kanto type.

・Remarks : 24〜30cm,[Non-returnable]

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for 15cm1530 yen
for 18cm1700 yen
for 21cm1860 yen
for 24cm2020 yen
for 27cm2170 yen
for 30cm2830 yen

Japanese copper egg pan
kansai type

This is a Kansai type egg pan of rectangular shape.
It is not used much for sushi shops in Tokyo, but small ones are often purchased for home use.

・Remarks : 15〜30cm,[Non-returnable]

SizeInner width,
length, depth
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10.5cm105, 150, 30mm0.53kg2870 yen
12cm120, 165, 30mm0.61kg3170 yen
13.5cm135, 180, 30mm0.68kg3400 yen
15cm150, 195, 30mm0.78kg4080 yen
16.5cm165, 210, 30mm0.85kg4610 yen
18cm180, 225, 30mm0.95kg5290 yen
19.5cm195, 240, 30mm1.03kg5740 yen
21cm210, 255, 30mm1.14kg6650 yen
22.5cm225, 270, 30mm1.55kg10000 yen
24cm240, 285, 30mm1.70kg11300 yen
27cm270, 315, 30mm1.98kg14800 yen
30cm300, 345, 30mm2.32kg17000 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Most sushi shop use the Kanto type 21 cm. But, smaller size is suitable for home use, as 21cm uses a large amount of egg.
Egg plank is not necessarily used by even professional craftsmen. Please purchase according to customer's usage.

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