Hammered Iron Frying Pan
Made by Yamadakogyosho

Iron frying pan is ptoducted with spinning or pressing generaly. In contrast to it, this is hammered product that takes time and effort. The hammering process strengthens the metal and creates a product with excellent strength. The manufacturer is Yamadakogyosho famous for hammered Chinese wok.
In addition, products are close to handmade, there are some variations in size and weight. Please understand in advance.

3.2mm Hammered Iron Frying Pan

These are super heavy-duty frying pans manufactured from 3.2mm steel plate with hammering.
Any dish is deliciously finished, especially steaks.

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22cm4cm1350g3730 yen
24cm4.5cm1680g4250 yen
26cm5cm1895g4870 yen
28cm5cm2200g5870 yen

2.3mm Hammered Iron Frying Pan

These are made of 2.3mm steel plqte. It is a specification that combines the effect of thick plate and ease of handling.

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22cm4cm990g2670 yen
24cm4.5cm1230g3020 yen
26cm5cm1310g3480 yen
28cm5cm1600g4200 yen

1.6mm Hammered Iron Frying Pan

These are made of 1.6mm steel plqte. Many frying pans are made with this thickness because they are easy to handle.

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22cm4cm740g2040 yen
24cm4.5cm910g2340 yen
26cm5cm1040g2670 yen
28cm5cm1200g3230 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Frying Pan is painted in anti-rust paint. At first, user have to burn the frying Pan to remove paint. Burn all over a frying Pan over a flame. Then pour much oil into frying Pan and fry vegetable garbage with using all inside frying Pan. Use frying Pan after abandon vegetables and wash it in hot water.
In case of using home gas table with safety censor (Si censor gas table) manufactured after April 2008, the burning work may not be possible. In this case, please do the burning using the cassette stove.
Except in special cases, the appropriate size of the frying Pan used at home is 24 to 26 cm. For restaurant, 26 to 30 cm is mainly used.

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