Standard Iron Frying Pan of Restaurant

Kanda Iron Frying Pan

This is a standard iron frying pan used by restaurant cook.
It has characteristics that it is hard to cool down, and has good compatibility with oil. So, it is loved by cooks. It is a product manufactured in Japan Niigata Tsubamesanjo. IH compatible.
It is unnecessary to burn frying pan before using for the first time because of rust proofing with special silicone. As being used, silicone is removed slowly. When it will be removed at all, the inside of frying pan will be coated with oil.
・Remarks : 32〜45cm,[Non-returnable]

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16cm160mm32mm1.6mm1090 yen
18cm183mm38mm1.6mm1170 yen
20cm205mm43mm1.6mm1360 yen
22cm223mm43mm1.6mm1580 yen
24cm245mm47mm2.0mm1730 yen
26cm265mm50mm2.0mm1920 yen
28cm285mm54mm2.0mm2190 yen
30cm305mm55mm2.0mm2570 yen
32cm328mm55mm2.3mm3020 yen
34cm345mm60mm2.3mm3470 yen
36cm368mm65mm2.3mm4150 yen
38cm385mm70mm2.3mm4530 yen
40cm405mm70mm2.3mm5290 yen
42cm420mm75mm2.3mm5670 yen
45cm438mm80mm2.3mm6040 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Since this product is a product for business use, there is no cover to prevent heat from the handle. Please be careful of burns in use enough.
Except in special cases, the appropriate size of the frying Pan used at home is 24 to 28 cm. For restaurant, 26 to 30 cm is mainly used.

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