Container for Viscera of globefish

Viscera Container

Japanese people have a custom of eating globefish from long ago. But, globefish has powerful poison. Globefish cooking often caused a tragic accident.
Now, licenses are necessary for cooking globefish to prevent accidents. At cooking globefish, cook must remove toxic parts and keep it in a container with a key.
This product is a lockable storage container dedicated to viscera of globefish. It is also convenient for storage of other toxic substances and valuable ingredients..
The matterial is stainless steel. There are two sizes. There are also one with padlock and one without padlock.

SizeAbout padlockInner diameter, heightTax-included
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LargeWith padlock230, 220mm8930 yen
LargeWithout padlock230, 220mm7930 yen
SmallWith padlock180, 180mm7350 yen
SmallWithout padlock180, 180mm6350 yen

Precautions for use

This product is not a pot. This is not made for assuming something to bake or boil. Although it seems to have sufficient strength to use as a pot, we do not recommend use in cooking.

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