The Colander with Large Capacity

Benkei Stainless Steel Deep Colander

This product is the most used stainless steel colander for business use.
The primary use of this colander is to wash rice and drain water. Due to its large capacity, it is used for many other purposes.
The material is rust resistant 18-8 stainless steel. The mesh number is 12 for 27.5 - 35 cm, and 11 for 37.5 cm.
The edge and bottom are reinforced with stainless steel plate, durability is outstanding.
The brand of "Benkei" comes from the name of the heroic armed monk in the 12th century. The legend told that he died in standing condition in spite of received many arrows because guarding the well-being of the place of suicide of his master, MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune(*).
Therefore the name of Benkei is symbol of durability and sincerity in Japan. (*)Yoshitsune is widely known as a typical tragic hero in Japan.

Inner diameterOuter diameter, heightTax-included
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27.5cm300, 185mm2850 yen
30cm325, 197mm3220 yen
33cm350, 215mm3670 yen
35cm370, 240mm4680 yen
37.5cm400, 250mm5210 yen

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