Stainless Steel Colander

Benkei Stainless Steel Type F Colander

This product is the most used stainless steel colander for business use.
The material is rust resistant 18-8 stainless steel. The mesh number is 14. The edge and bottom are reinforced with stainless steel plate, durability is outstanding.
The brand of "Benkei" comes from the name of the heroic armed monk in the 12th century. The legend told that he died in standing condition in spite of received many arrows because guarding the well-being of the place of suicide of his master, MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune(*).
Therefore the name of Benkei is symbol of durability and sincerity in Japan.

(*)Yoshitsune is widely known as a typical tragic hero in Japan.

Inner diameterOuter diameter, heightTax-included
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18cm198, 95mm960 yen
20cm216, 100mm1020 yen
22.5cm243, 115mm1250 yen
25cm266, 120mm1580 yen
27.5cm295, 133mm2010 yen
30cm318, 130mm2150 yen
33cm348, 133mm2250 yen

Benkei Stainless Steel Shallow Colander

The specification is same as Type F Colander. Products of 35 cm and over are called "shallow Colander". The mesh number is 11.

Inner diameterOuter diameter, heightTax-included
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35cm370, 160mm3340 yen
37.5cm400, 170mm3780 yen
40cm430, 185mm4230 yen
43cm460, 205mm5060 yen
46cm488, 205mm5510 yen
50cm528, 225mm6350 yen

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