Genghis Khan Pan That Makes
Grilled Meat Delicious

Genghis khan pan makes meat more delicious.
Basically, meat is baked at the dome part and vegetables is baked at the edge part. Extra oil flows down and the meat juice naturally seasons the vegetables.
It is said that the origin of the name is in the form of a helmet of Mongolia. But, in fact pan does not look like helmet. The pan is often used for cooking of lamb. So, it seems to remind Mongolian tribe and their great "khan".
Of caurce, meat other than mutton can be deliciously eaten, too.

Tokiwa Iron Genghis Pan Large

The large size is 29 cm diameter.
It is about 24% bigger than "small" size. It is suitable for big group.

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Tokiwa Iron Genghis Pan Small

The small size is 26 cm diameter.
The domed part in the center is relatively small.

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Notes on using and purchasing

Genghis Khan Pan with slits are for charcoal stove, those without slits are for gas stove. This product is for gas stove without slits.

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