Toughened Glass Bowl

Arcoroc Stackable Glass Bowl

It is made of toughened glass hard to be broken. Feature is shape that can be stacked.
Made in France.

SizeInner diameter,
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6cm54, 20mm40 mL135 yen
7cm69, 30mm60 mL150 yen
9cm83, 35mm130 mL170 yen
10cm98, 40mm240 mL200 yen
12cm114, 50mm330 mL255 yen
14cm132, 60mm620 mL340 yen
17cm163, 70mm1.1 Litre560 yen
20cm192, 86mm1.9 Litre830 yen
23cm220, 100mm2.9 Litre1130 yen
26cm248, 110mm4.3 Litre1430 yen
29cm277, 128mm5.9 Litre1660 yen

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