Thick Bottomed Iron Dumpling Pan
For Professional Use

Iron Chinese Dumpling Pan

The products are made by Yamadakogyosho in Yokohama which is known for its quality.
A thick bottom plate is welded. So many people use it for not only Chinese Dumpling but also steaks and hamburgers.
Please note that the size indication of this product is the inner diameter. Since the edge is about 3 cm, the outer diameter is approximately 6 cm plus size.
In addition, products are close to handmade, there are some variations in size and weight. Please understand in advance.

Inner diameterThickness of
bottom plate
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24cm6mm3kg5140 yenOut of stock
27cm6mm4kg6110 yen
30cm6mm5kg7060 yen
33cm6mm6kg8680 yenOut of stock
36cm9mm8.6kg11500 yen

Iron Lid of Chinese Dumpling Pan

This is an iron lid dedicated to Chinese Dumpling pan. It is manufuctured by Yamadakogyosho.
Many people use it with cloth or oven mitt because the handle gets hot during use.

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for 24cm1660 yen
for 27cm1860 yen
for 30cm2040 yenOut of stock
for 33cm2400 yen
for 36cm2830 yen

Sawara lid of Chinese Dumpling Pan

This is a wooden lid for Chinese Dumpling pan.
The matterial timber is sawara of Japan. Sawara is a kind of hinoki ordinarily used for Japanese old buildings.
As sawara is resistant to water moisture, it is used for making rice cabin or ladle, tub, lid etc.
The suitable lid is 3cm larger than the Chinese Dumpling pan you use
This item is not in stock. It takes a few weeks at the maximum for arrival. If you are hurry, please contact us before ordering.

SizeOuter diameterThicknessTax-included
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for 27cm30cm18mm2880 yenOut of stock
for 30cm33cm18mm3460 yenOut of stock
for 33cm36cm18mm3960 yen
for 36cm39cm18mm4530 yenOut of stock
for 39cm42cm18mm5440 yenOut of stock

Notes on using and purchasing

Chinese Dumpling Pan is painted in anti-rust paint. At first, user have to burn the frying Pan to remove paint. Burn all over a Chinese Dumpling Pan over a flame. Then pour much oil into frying Pan and fry vegetable garbage with using all inside Chinese Dumpling Pan. Use frying Pan after abandon vegetables and wash it in hot water.
In case of using home gas table with safety censor (Si censor gas table) manufactured after April 2008, the burning work may not be possible. In this case, please do the burning using the cassette stove.

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