General Item of the Restaurant

Stainless Steel Storage Tray

This is a classic tray most widely used for proffesional cook.
It is very convenient for preparing cooking. And, it is sturdy and made of stainless steel which is against rust.
The size conforms to the notation of the catalog. There may be slight differences depending on production lot.
Only #2 has handles.

NumberWidth, depth, heightTax-included
Purchace button
#2635, 420, 150mm12800 yen
#3580, 420, 110mm5940 yen
#4580, 370, 90mm4790 yen
#6482, 338, 80mm2910 yen
#8410, 295, 67mm2040 yen
#10355, 270, 63mm1600 yen
#12325, 260, 53mm1390 yen
#15297, 232, 50mm1200 yen
#18267, 206, 40mm1020 yen
#21248, 201, 38mm860 yen
Cabinet210, 170, 30mm610 yen
Card158, 128, 25mm500 yen

Draining Board for Storage Tray

It is a dedicated draining board for tray.
It is also made of stainless steel.
The pitch of net is about 7 to 8 mm.

NumberWidth, depthTax-included
Purchace button
for #4512, 315mm2350 yen
for #6418, 281mm1420 yen
for #8361, 245mm1150 yen
for #10313, 220mm950 yen
for #12286, 215mm870 yen
for #15260, 195mm640 yen
for #18230, 170mm550 yen
for #21212, 165mm540 yen
for Cabinet177, 135mm360 yen

Precautions for use

 Stainless steel is very rust resistant material. But, it is not that stainless steel does not rust at all. Please wash with water and wipe off the water well.

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