Katsubako(Dried Bonito Shaver)

Bonito soup is important taste element of Japanese hood. It is got from boiled flakes of Dried Bonito.
Katsubako is a tool to make flakes from dried bonito block.
"Katsubako" is a compound word. "Katsu" means "dried bonito(katsuobushi)". And, "Bako(hako)" means "box".

Tamo Katsubako

This is the highest-grade katsubako that is used by cooks of Japanese fine dining restaurant. It is made of tamo wood used only for the finest quality items.
Tamo is a kind of Oleaceae plants, called "ash" in English. The material is tough, it is used as a material for building materials and furniture.

SizeWidth, depth,
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Large300, 112, 112mm23400 yen
Small275, 100, 112mm21500 yen

Munechika Katsubako

It is a high class Katsubako often used by professional cooks.
The material is cypress. Cypress is coniferous of Pinaceae, imported from North America. In other hand, cypress is often used for matterial of cutting board.
  • Size:250×110×H120mm
  • Tax-included price:8910 yen

Munechika Katsubako High-end Ver.

It is a top product of Munechika. It is one of the highest quality products for professional use.
The material is katsura that is a plant of Cercidiphyllaceae. The material has good aroma and is durable. So it is used for materials of architecture, furniture and pencils etc..
  • Size:300×130×H170mm
  • Tax-included price:15300 yen

Hiroaki Katsubako

This is a popular katsubako with excellent cost performance.
The material is sennoki. There is an alias harigiri. It is a hardwoods of Araliaceae.
It is used for building materials and furniture, musical instrument, etc., because it is easy to process.
  • Size:250×110×H120m
  • Tax-included price:7290 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Please be careful not to damage your fingertips while using.
Way to adjust and remove the blade is same as plane. Please use a mallet to avoid damaging the katsubako.

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