Classic Ladle for Business Use

Stenless Steel Soup Ladle

This is a soup ladle often used by restaurant. It is very convenient for cooking and serving, because it scoops up quantitative foodstuff quickly.
The material is rust-resistant stainless steel.

of cup
Length of
Purchase button
10cc35mm230mm435 yen
20cc44mm230mm445 yen
30cc52mm230mm475 yen
36cc53mm230mm475 yen
40cc57mm230mm495 yen
50cc60mm230mm510 yen
54cc60mm230mm510 yen
60cc65mm230mm520 yen
70cc68mm250mm550 yen
80cc73mm250mm570 yen
90cc75mm250mm580 yen
100cc78mm250mm620 yen
120cc80mm250mm660 yen
144cc88mm280mm690 yen
150cc88mm280mm710 yen
180cc95mm280mm740 yen
200cc95mm280mm790 yen
250cc102mm290mm930 yen
270cc105mm290mm950 yen
300cc110mm290mm1030 yen
350cc115mm300mm1130 yen
360cc115mm300mm1130 yen
400cc120mm300mm1200 yen
500cc130mm300mm1580 yen
540cc130mm310mm1660 yen
550cc130mm310mm1660 yen
800cc150mm375mm2040 yen
900cc155mm375mm2260 yen
1000cc160mm375mm2410 yen
1200cc170mm375mm2570 yen
1800cc202mm470mm3550 yen
2000cc206mm470mm3850 yen

Horizontal Opening Ladle

This type has pour spout. It is very convenient to pour sauce or syrup.
The material is rust-resistant stainless steel. In business, most popular size is 70 cc.

CapacityCup's width,
Handle lengthTax-included
Purchase button
40cc90, 62mm230mm520 yen
50cc97, 66mm230mm540 yen
70cc103, 68mm255mm570 yen
80cc112, 74mm255mm670 yen
90cc114, 76mm255mm680 yen
144cc114, 84mm280mm890 yen
180cc120, 85mm285mm1050 yen

Horizontal Opening Ladle for Left-Handers

Position relation of cup and handle is reverse to normal.

CapacityCup's width,
Handle lengthTax-included
Purchase button
40cc90, 62mm230mm580 yen
50cc97, 66mm230mm610 yen
70cc103, 68mm255mm640 yen
80cc112, 74mm255mm750 yen
90cc114, 76mm255mm770 yen
144cc114, 84mm280mm1000 yen
180cc120, 85mm285mm1170 yen

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