Round Tray

Round tray is the classic item in bar or cafe etc.
In Japan, it is called "torenchi" or "torenchi-bon". In West, people uses wooden tray called "trencher" which is used as dish too. Trencher has often round shape, it seemed to become the name of round tray in Japan. Meanwhile, "trencher" has changed to "torenchi".
We prepared stainless steel and plastic. In business, 14 inch one is most popular.

SA Stainless Steel Round Tray

Stainless steel round tray is the most common product. It is made of stainless steel that is rust resistant.
Nominal sizeDiameter, heightTax-including
Purchase button
10 inch263, 21mm740 yen
12 inch318, 22mm980 yen
14 inch365, 22mm1200 yen
16 inch410, 23mm1600 yen

SA Service Tray

This round tray is made of polypropylene.
Polypropylene is excellent in strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance. And, It is also light weight, and easy to handle. Even if it drops, it does not produce large shrill sounds like metal products. In addition, anti-slip processing is done.
Nominal sizeDiameter, heightTax-including
Purchase button
12 inch300, 22mm1360 yen
14 inch350, 22mm1580 yen
16 inch400, 21mm2230 yen

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