Masu, Traditional Meter

Hinoki Masu

Masu is a traditional meter in Japan. It has been used as a measuring tool for liquids, cereals, etc. for a long time.
It is not only used as measuring tool, but also as sake cup. We have a habit to toast with masu on the special festive day.
In addition to directly using it as a cup of sake, there is a method to put a glass filled with sake in masu.
This is made of Japanese cypress, hinoki. Hinoki is a representative high-class building wood in Japan, especially used for temples and shrines. As kitchenware, it is matterial of cutting board and wooden steamer etc..
180 and 144 cc ones are sold in units of 5 pieces.

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1800cc1580 yen
900cc1430 yen
180cc1810 yen(5 pieces)
144cc1730 yen(5 pieces)

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