Clean and Sturdy
Stainless Steel Water Dipper

Stainless Steel Water Dipper

This is a classic stainless steel water dipper.
In restaurants, it is mainly used for preparing soup. The material is stainless steel that is strong, rust resistant, clean.
14.5 cm and 16.5 cm products are mainly used for restaurants.

DiameterLengthCapacityMinimum scaleTax-including
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9cmabout 445mm260ccNo scale1320 yen
10cm450mm300cc100cc1360 yen
12cm470mm500cc150cc1470 yen
13cm480mm800cc200cc1540 yen
14.5cm505mm1000cc200cc1620 yen
16.5cm530mm1500cc200cc1730 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Stainless steel is very rust resistant material. But, it is not that stainless steel does not rust at all. Please wash thoroughly after using it for cooking acidic hood.

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