Wooden Lid Made of "Sawara"

Wooden Lid

This is a lid used for ryorinabe or double handle wok. It is often used for "otoshibuta". "Otoshibuta" is the lid put directly on foods, when simmering foods. When used as a otoshibuta, one with a size 3 to 6 cm smaller than the inner diameter of the pot is used.
The material is sawara. Sawara is resistant to water moisture, it is used for making various cooking utensils.

・Remarks : 48cm〜60cm,[Non-returnable]

Nominal sizeApproximate
outer diameter
15cm14.5cm1cm550 yen
18cm17.5cm1cm580 yen
21cm20.5cm1cm720 yen
24cm23.5cm1cm810 yen
27cm26.5cm1cm950 yen
30cm29.5cm1.5cm1490 yen
33cm32.5cm1.5cm1760 yen
36cm35.5cm1.5cm2100 yen
39cm38.5cm1.5cm2390 yen
42cm41.5cm1.5cm2910 yen
45cm44.5cm1.5cm3400 yen
48cm47.5cm1.5cm3700 yen
51cm50.5cm1.5cm4740 yen
54cm53.5cm1.5cm5600 yen
60cm59.5cm1.5cm8610 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

The relation between pots and lids does not have any standard. The size of notation is not reliable to judge whether it can be used or not. The lids are suitable for tapered pot like wok. But it may not suitable for a pot with vertical or near vertical sides, because lid falls into bottom.
Of course, it can be used when it is used as an "otoshibuta".

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