Paella for Typical Spanish Cuisine


The origin of Paella is PATELLA which means frying pan in Latin. It is a word of Valencia that is a part of Spainish realm. Now Paella has both meaning of pan and dish. In Japan, "paeria" is used as the meaning of dish, and "paeria-nabe" is used as the meaning of pan. "Nabe" means "pan" or "pot" in Japanese.
This product is made by HIKIMOTO Co.,LTD which is known for good quality. Thickness is all 1.2mm.

SizeOuter biameter,
Proper number
of people(*)
Purchase button
18cm180, 27mm120mmfor 1 person1540 yen
20cm200, 30mm140mmfor 1 person1570 yen
22cm220, 30mm160mmfor 1 person1580 yen
24cm240, 30mm180mmfor 1 person2200 yen
26cm260, 30mm200mmfor 2 persons2340 yen
28cm280, 30mm220mm2940 yen
30cm300, 30mm240mmfor 3 persons3130 yen
32cm320, 30mm260mmfor 4 persons4080 yen
36cm360, 30mm300mmfor 6 persons4680 yen
40cm400, 33mm340mmfor 8 persons5360 yen
45cm450, 33mm390mmfor 13 persons6420 yen
52cm520, 33mm460mmfor 17 persons8310 yen
60cm600, 40mm540mm24900 yen
70cm700, 43mm640mmfor 35 persons35500 yen
90cm900, 50mm840mmfor 70 persons64200 yen

(*)described in the manufacturer's manual.

Wooden Base for Paella

This is a wooden base that is put under Paella which has heat after cooking.

Sizeupper inner
Buttom inner
Purchase button
for 18cm148mm130mm1730 yen
for 20cm168mm150mm1810 yen
for 22cm185mm170mm1960 yen
for 24cm210mm195mm2040 yen
for 26cm225mm210mm2110 yen
for 28cm245mm228mm2260 yen
for 30cm265mm250mm2410 yen
for 32cm286mm270mm2410 yen
for 36cm325mm310mm3320 yen
for 40cm365mm350mm3850 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Paella is painted in anti-rust paint. At first, user has to burn the paella to remove paint. Burn all over a paella over a flame. Then pour much oil into paella and fry vegetable garbage with using all inside paella. After abandoning vegetables, wash it in hot water.
In case of using home gas table with safety censor (Si censor gas table) manufactured after April 2008, the burning work may not be possible. In this case, please do the burning using the cassette stove.
Popular size is 24 ~ 28 cm. It is appropriate to select product as thinking such sizes.

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