The Big Pot for Japanese Cuisine

DON Ryorinabe

Ryorinabe is one of typical pots in Japanese cuisine. It is also called "entsukinabe".
It is a much popular pot. Small one is used for cooking boiled and seasoned food. Big one is used for making much pork miso soup etc. in fest or event.
The lid is sold separately. Please order separately.
The "DON" series is a classic series for business that is made of AS3905 hard aluminum alloy, and realizes high thermal conductivity and high cost performance. It is a product of AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD , which is one of the leading nonferrous metal manufacturers in Japan.

・Remarks : 48cm〜60cm, [Non-returnable]

Inner diameterDepthFull capacityStandard capacityTax-included
24cm110mmAbout 4.4 Litre3.0 Litre3570 yen
27cm120mm6.2 Litre4.5 Litre3940 yen
30cm135mm8.0 Litre5.5 Litre4510 yen
33cm150mm11.0 Litre7.5 Litre4880 yen
36cm165mm13.5 Litre10.0 Litre6130 yen
39cm175mm16.0 Litre13.0 Litre7200 yen
42cm185mmAbout 22.0 Litre16.0 Litre8950 yen
45cm200mm26.0 Litre20.0 Litre10600 yen
48cm220mm33.0 Litre24.0 Litre13400 yen
51cm230mm37.0 Litre29.0 Litre16200 yen
54cm255mm47.0 Litre37.0 Litre21900 yen
60cm280mm63.0 Litre50.0 Litre27800 yen

"Full capacity" is the capacity up to the top of the pot. "Standard capacity" is capacity up to the knuckle of the pot.

DON Ryorinabe Lid

This lid is made by the same maker as DON ryorinabe. As shown in the photo, it is put on knuckle of the pot.
The lid of 51 cm or more has the shape of the right edge of the photo.

・Remarks : 48cm〜60cm, [Non-returnable]

SizeOuter diameterTax-included
for 24cm234mm1290 yen
for 27cm264mm1420 yen
for 30cm295mm1700 yen
for 33cm323mm1900 yen
for 36cm354mm2170 yen
for 39cm382mm2650 yen
for 42cm412mm3190 yen
for 45cm440mm3740 yen
for 48cm472mm4420 yen
for 51cm500mm4550 yen
for 54cm525mm5710 yen
for 60cm590mm7140 yen

SA Aluminum Lid for Entsukinabe

"Entsukinabe" is another name of Ryorinabe.
This lid is put on the top of the pot. You can use the pot with the capacity close to "Full capacity".

・Remarks : 48cm〜60cm, [Non-returnable]

SizeOuter diameterTax-included
for 24cm258mm1280 yen
for 27cm288mm1660 yen
for 30cm320mm1920 yen
for 33cm353mm2260 yen
for 36cm383mm3090 yen
for 39cm413mm3550 yen
for 42cm440mm4000 yen
for 45cm478mm4380 yen
for 48cm506mm6500 yen
for 51cm529mm7400 yen
for 54cm562mm8240 yen
for 60cm628mm9070 yen

Wooden Lid

This is a lid used for ryorinabe or double handle wok. It is often used for "otoshibuta". "Otoshibuta" is the lid put directly on foods, when simmering foods. When used as a otoshibuta, one with a size 3 to 6 cm smaller than the inner diameter of the pot is used.
The material is sawara. Sawara is resistant to water moisture, it is used for making various cooking utensils.

・Remarks : 48cm〜60cm,[Non-returnable]

Nominal sizeApproximate
outer diameter
24cm23.5cm1cm810 yen
27cm26.5cm1cm950 yen
30cm29.5cm1.5cm1490 yen
33cm32.5cm1.5cm1760 yen
36cm35.5cm1.5cm2100 yen
39cm38.5cm1.5cm2390 yen
42cm41.5cm1.5cm2910 yen
45cm44.5cm1.5cm3400 yen
48cm47.5cm1.5cm3700 yen
51cm50.5cm1.5cm4740 yen
54cm53.5cm1.5cm5600 yen
60cm59.5cm1.5cm8610 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Ryorinabe's handle has no ccover to protect hand from heat. Please be careful enough for burns.
The inside may turns to black or brown after using. This is a kind of oxide film and it is not unhealthy. As you boil water in which rice is washed before use, it is an effective to prevent discoloration.

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