MKF Chinese Steamer

This is Chinese steamer for Chinese restaurant. It is an indispensable item for cooking shumai and Chinese manju etc..
The product is made in Japan. The material is hinoki(cypress) from Kiso. Kiso is Nagano-ken southwestern part, and famous for producing good wood.
Since Chinese syeamer may combine multiple pieces of body and one lid, we separately receive orders for lid and body.
Two types of height (7.5 cm, 9 cm) were prepared for the body of 42 cm and 45 cm. Please choose according to purpose of use.

MKF Chinese Steamer Lid

SizeOuter diameterHeight(*)Tax-including
Purchase button
27cm273mm7.5cm6710 yen
30cm303mm7.5cm6960 yen
33cm333mm7.5cm7340 yen
36cm363mm7.5cm8250 yen
39cm394mm7.5cm9470 yen
42cm425mm7.5cm10100 yen
45cm455mm7.5cm10700 yen
(*)The central handle may be higher than the edge.
"Height" is the height of the outer edge.

MKF Chinese Steamer Body

SizeOuter diameterHeightTax-including
Purchase button
27cm273mm7.5cm6160 yen
30cm303mm7.5cm6360 yen
33cm333mm7.5cm6860 yen
36cm363mm7.5cm7390 yen
39cm394mm7.5cm8570 yen
42cm425mm7.5cm9540 yen
42cm425mm9cm11300 yen
45cm455mm7.5cm9960 yen
45cm455mm9cm11800 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Currently, the products are practically made to order, and delivery may take from 10 business days to some months. Please be aware in advance.
After purchasing, please do steam at first in empty condition. First, lightly wash steamer with water, and steam for 10 to 15 minutes. The steaming is for moderate deodorant of cypress and removing astringency of bamboo.
After using, wash steamer with water and dry in the place avoiding sun light. When you do not use for a long time, please keep in a well-ventilated place with no moisture.
The product does not have pot for water. This product needs double handle wok as a water pan. One size larger wok is used than the size of seiro.
If you do not have wok, we recommend purchasing double handle wok in the same time.

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