Nonstick Frying Pan for Business

DON FC Aluminum Frying Pan

Nonstick frying pan is popular for family use. But, the frying pan introduced here is a product for business. Thick pan is coated of three layers of fluororesin, resulting in high durability.
The "DON" series is a classic series for business that is made of AS3905 hard aluminum alloy, and realizes high thermal conductivity and high cost performance. It is a product of AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD , which is one of the leading nonferrous metal manufacturers in Japan.

SizeInner diameter,
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18cm180, 45mm3.0mm1.0 Litre0.45kg3740 yen
21cm210, 51mm3.0mm1.5 Litres0.61kg4720 yenOut of stock
24cm240, 58mm3.0mm2.2 Litres0.78kg5510 yen
27cm270, 62mm3.0mm3.0 Litres0.97kg6200 yen
30cm300, 67mm3.0mm4.0 Litres1.18kg7380 yen
33cm330, 70mm4.0mm5.0 Litres1.68kg8870 yen
36cm360, 74mm4.0mm6.5 Litres1.91kg10600 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

The popular size of the pan is among sizes of 24 to 30 cm for restaurants, and 21 to 27 cm for home use.
There is no need for burning anti-rust paint immediately after the time of purchase for this product like iron pans. You can use it immediately by lightly washing with detergent. Please do not burn, because it damages pan.

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