Charcoal Roaster, Yakitori Roaster

The fire of charcoal extracts "umami" from food and finishes the food deliciously by the effect of far infrared rays.
These products are the most popular products as charcoal roaster and yakitori roaster. There are many people who purchase for outdoor barbecue.
These products are made with a kind of rhyolite for the inner wall, stainless steel plate for the exterior, durability is outstanding. As an accessory, a steel bar that arranges the skewer and a heat-resistant board to lay under the main body are set.
These products are made in Japan and manufactured by a skilled craftman.

Yakitori Roaster TK-918

  • Size : 900×180×H165mm
    (Not including handles)
  • Weight : 19.6kg
  • Tax-included price : 26700 yen
  • Remarks : [Non-returnable]
    Free shipping(excluding Okinawa)

Yakitori Roaster TK-718

  • Size : 750×180×H165mm
    (Not including handles)
  • Weight : 16.4kg
  • Tax-included price : 20500 yen
  • Remarks : Free shipping(excluding Okinawa)

Yakitori Roaster TK-618

  • Size : 600×180×H165mm
    (Not including handles)
  • Weight : 13.2kg
  • Tax-included price : 16300 yen
  • Remarks : Free shipping(excluding Okinawa)

Yakitori Roaster TK-414

  • Size : 450×140×H165mm
    (Not including handles)
  • Weight : 9.0kg
  • Tax-included price : 11200 yen
  • Remarks : Free shipping(excluding Okinawa)

Charcoal Roaster TK-624

  • Size : 600×240×H165mm
    (Not including handles)
  • Weight : 15.4kg
  • Tax-included price : 18700 yen
  • Remarks : Free shipping(excluding Okinawa)

If you are using for barbecue etc., it is convenient to use the net. The following nets are all stainless steel professional supplies.

Stainless Steel Long Grilling Net

SizeWidth, depthPrice(tax included)Purchase button
extralarge600, 240mm3560 yen
large630, 160mm2510 yen
small450, 150mm1940 yen

Stainless Steel Grilling Net

SizeWidth, deptPrice(tax included)Purchase button
large330×240mm2240 yen
midium300×220mm2050 yen
small300×200mm1660 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Since it will be quite hot during use, please be careful not to burn yourself carefully. Avoid using it on flammable wooden tables etc.
Two iron bars are attached to the product. If you bake yakitori, please place meat between two iron bars and bake.
When cooking oil-rich ingredients with charcoal, a lot of smoke comes out. For indoor use, please use in a place close to the window with good ventilation.

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