Iron Plate Griddle
that is a great success
at the event etc.

Iron Plate Griddle 600ST

Iron Plate Griddle is a great success at various events as night stall and school festival or so.
It has 6mm Iron Plate. The main body is made of rust-resistant stainless steel.

There are products for city gas(*) and propane. When ordering please select gas type in the blind menu.

(*) 12A, 13A combined use. Gas types like "12A", "13A" or so are based on the Japanese standard.

  • Size : 600, 450, H260mm
    (Not including gas valve)
  • Gas input rating, City gas : 6000kcal/h
  • Gas input rating, Propane : 0.3kg/h
  • Tax-included price:35600 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Size notation on above does not include gas valve. The gas valve protrudes from the main body by roughly 10 cm or so. Please refer to it when considering the installation location.
The roaster has no automatic ignition mechanism. Please prepare another ignition tool.
The iron plate is painted with edible oil. At first user have to burn the plate till removing oil.
Please avoid washing in water because the iron plate is easy to rust.
Since it will be quite hot during use, please be careful not to burn yourself carefully. Avoid using it on flammable wooden tables etc.


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