Iron Tempura Pan Made by Yamadakogyosho

Iron Tempura Pan

This is a iron tempura pan produced by Yamadakogyosho in Yokohama city. Yamadakogyosho is known for its hammering technology.
Iron is inferior to copper and aluminum in thermal conductivity. But, it is highly resistant to heat and does not deform even if it is rapidly increased in temperature. And, Iron has nature that is hard to lose heat, because iron is heavy. This nature is suitable for cooking fried food as cutlet and croquette, fried chicken, etc..
In addition, this product has a narrow bottom relatively. The bottom is smaller than other companies' products, and it has the feature that even a small amount of oil can produce depth.

Inner diameterDepthCapacityThickness of
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24cm70mm2.0 Litre2.3mm3780 yen
27cm70mm3.0 Litre2.3mm4430 yen

Precautions for use

Iron Tempura Pan is painted in anti-rust paint. At first user has to burn the pan to remove paint. Burn all over a pan over a flame. Then pour much oil into pan and fry vegetable garbage with using all inside pan. Use pan after abandon vegetables and wash it in hot water.
In case of using home gas table with safety censor (Si censor gas table) manufactured after April 2008, the burning work may not be possible. In this case, please do the burning using the cassette stove.

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