Single Handle Wok Made of Titanium

Titana Hummered Single Handle Wok

This is a Beijing pan made of high-tech material titanium.
Compared to iron, it has advantages such as almost half the weight, several times the strength, excellent in rust prevention. Heat capacity is small, and Heat passes well. So you can finish fried food etc. deliciously in a short time.
It is the finest item made by hammering. Titania Factory that products them is an related company of the Yamadakogyosho which is famous for producting the iron woks. Titania Factory uses technology of the Yamadakogyosho. For this reason, like the iron woks made by Yamadakogyosho, the material of body and the handle are cut out as one piece from the iron plate. It is a more sturdy product than other pot products that welded pot parts and handle.
In addition, products are close to handmade, there are some variations in size and weight. Please understand in advance.

This item is not in stock. Products will arrive normally in 2 to 4 business days, but if the manufacturer is out of stock, you may be waiting for much long time. If you are hurry, please contact us before ordering.

・Remarks : [Non-returnable]

Purcase buttom
30cm1.2mm560g90mm45.5cm35400 yen
33cm1.2mm670g100mm47.5cm40000 yen
36cm1.2mm805g110mm51cm47700 yen
39cm1.2mm915g120mm55cm55400 yen

SA Titanium Single Handle Wok

This is titanium wok made by press processing.
Compared to hummered products, it is inexpensive. but same features of titanium products, such as strength and lightness, are provided.

Purcase buttom
27cm1.2mm480g85mm18400 yen
30cm1.2mm560g95mm20000 yen
33cm1.2mm710g96mm23100 yen
36cm1.5mm980g115mm26900 yen
39cm1.5mm1090g118mm31500 yen

How to choose a good wok etc.

Titanium has sufficient corrosion protection. So wok is not painted in anti-rust paint. Therefore, unlike iron products, you do not need to bake the wok immediately after purchase. You can use it as soon as you just wash with a neutral detergent etc.
However, if you pour a lot of oil into the wok and fry vegetable garbage using all the wok, the wok maybe will be easy to use.
Except in special cases, the appropriate size of the wok used at home is 27 to 33 cm. Please decide the size of the wok, considering the balance with your gas table.

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