Japanese Strainer with Exchangeable Mesh

You can exchange mesh according to the application. It is able to be used as strainer or powder sieve.
It is very easy to exchange mesh. If you have multiple meshes, you can correspond to various uses.
The matterial of frame and mesh is stainless steel that is strong and duarable.
The frame and mesh are sold seperately. Please order separately. Also, please specify the type of mesh in the brand menu.

One-touch Strainer Frame

SizeDiameter, heightTax-included
Purchase button
21cm210, 100mm1510 yen
24cm240, 100mm1810 yen
27cm270, 105mm1890 yen
31cm310, 105mm2260 yen
36cm360, 110mm3780 yen

One-touch Strainer Mesh

Purchase button
for 21cm1090 yen
for 24cm1250 yen
for 27cm1510 yen
for 31cm1850 yen
for 36cm3020 yen

About Way to Use of Strainer's Mesh

Mesh pitch
4 mesh6.3mmmaking bread crumb etc.
7 mesh3.5mmsieving bread crumb etc.
9 mesh2.8mmsieving sugar etc.
12 mesh2.0mmsieving flour etc.
20 mesh1.2mmsieving flour etc.
30 mesh0.85mmstraining etc.
50 mesh0.5mmstraining smoothly etc.
65 mesh0.4mmstraining more smoothly etc.

Notes on using and purchasing

You have to detach and attach the mesh on a flat table.
Place the mesh with the rim facing up. Put the loosened frame on the mesh with making the receiving rail is on the bottom. Then all edge of the frame must be on the table directly. As you just tighten the clasp, the mesh will be fixed firmly.
If you attempt to attach the mesh by force in the wrong way, you will distorts the frame. Please be careful.

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