Deep Type Wok Used in Sichuan of China

Double Handle Sichuan Wok

This is a wok used in Sichuan food.
The feature is that it is made deeper than ordinary double handle wok. Sichuan province has unique culture, its Cooking is famous for its spicy taste. Some cooking tools also have features not found in other regions.
Products are made of 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm steel plate. The wok made of thick steel sheet is strong and excellent in heat retention. However many cooks uses thin wok because it is light weight.
The products are made by Yamadakogyosho in Yokohama which is known for its quality.

This item is not in stock. It may take up to several months for delivery. If you are hurry, please contact us before ordering.
Currently, only 1.6mm / 30cm is in stock. (Cancelled item)

・Remarks : [Non-returnable]

Thickness, diameterDepthTax-included
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1.2mm, 27cm90mm2900 yen
1.2mm, 30cm100mm3000 yen
1.2mm, 33cm110mm3590 yen
1.2mm, 36cm120mm4370 yen
1.2mm, 39cm130mm5280 yen
1.2mm, 42cm140mm6200 yen
1.2mm, 45cm150mm7190 yen
1.6mm, 27cm90mm3300 yen
1.6mm, 30cm100mm3660 yen
1.6mm, 33cm110mm4090 yen
1.6mm, 36cm120mm4680 yen
1.6mm, 39cm130mm5920 yen
1.6mm, 42cm140mm7120 yen
1.6mm, 45cm150mm8640 yen

How to choose a good wok etc.

Wok is painted in anti-rust paint. At first user has to burn the wok to remove paint. Burn all over a wok over a flame. Then pour much oil into wok and fry vegetable garbage with using all inside wok. Use wok after abandon vegetables and wash it in hot water.
n case of using home gas table with safety censor (Si censor gas table) manufactured after April 2008, the burning work may not be possible. In this case, please do the burning using the cassette stove.
Except in special cases, the appropriate size of the wok used at home is 30 to 33 cm. Please decide the size of the Chinese pot, considering the balance with your gas table.

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