Wooden handle makes wok
to use easy for home use

Wood Handle Wok

This product is a wok added wooden handle to the wok used by the professional. This product is ideal for home use.
The iron part is intact for business use. Of course it is made by Yamadakogyosho in Yokohama which is known for its quality.

DiameterThickness of
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27cm1.2mm4660 yen
30cm1.2mm5110 yen
33cm1.2mm5510 yen
36cm1.2mm6190 yen

Precautions for use

Wood handle wok is not suitable for business use. The gas table of the Chinese restaurant burn out the wooden handle soon, because The gas table is very powerful. In case of using at work, we recommend using ordinary single handle wok.
Wok is painted in anti-rust paint. At first user has to burn the wok to remove paint. Burn all over a wok over a flame. Then pour much oil into wok and fry vegetable garbage with using all inside wok. Use wok after abandon vegetables and wash it in hot water.
In case of using home gas table with safety censor (Si censor gas table) manufactured after April 2008, the burning work may not be possible. In this case, please do the burning using the cassette stove.

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