Nostalgic Round Type Kettle

Alumite Yuwakashi

Yuwakashi means "water boiler". This round shape is unique to Japan. Alumite is a kind of surface finish using oxalic acid.
This shape is a rational form which is hard to cool down and the heat circulation is good.
Manufacturer is AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD which handles aluminum products widely in Japan.
Incidentally in anime work "Mobile Police Patlabor", This Yuwakashi drawn as "特2" appears.

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2Litres162mm101mm3680 yen
3Litres185mm114mm4380 yen
4Litres205mm127mm5330 yen
5Litres226mm138mm5950 yen
6Litres235mm143mm6720 yen
8Litres253mm151mm8130 yen
10Litres274mm157mm9250 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

2 to 4 liter yuwakashi is suitable for home.
In Japan, such pots are commonly called "yakan". English "kettle" is also established as a loanword, "ケトル" or "ケットル".
In the distribution industry, we call Western type "kettle" ,Japanese round type "yuwakashi" for distinguishing them.

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