Yattokonabe and Pot Pincers

DON Aluminum Yattokonabe

This is a unique pot used by cooks of Japanese cuisine. The feature is that there is no handle. Cooks use a special pincers instead of handle.
"Yattoko" is meanig a pincers. This is the origin of the pot name.
This is a product of The "DON" series. The "DON" series is a classic series for business that is made of AS3905 hard aluminum alloy, and realizes high thermal conductivity and high cost performance. It is a product of AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD , which is one of the leading nonferrous metal manufacturers in Japan.

・Remarks : As pincers is not attached to the yattokonabe, please purchase separately pincers.

Inner diameterDepthThicknessCapacityTax-included
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15cm65mm3.0mmabout 1.0 Litre1590 yen
18cm75mm3.0mm1.6 Litre2380 yen
21cm85mm3.0mm2.5 Litre2910 yen
24cm100mm3.0mm4.5 Litre3720 yen
27cm110mm3.0mm6.4 Litre4790 yen
30cm130mm3.0mm9.0 Litre5850 yen

Iron Pot Pincers, Thick Type

It is made of iron and plated with crome.
  • Lenth:225mm
  • Tax-included price:1730 yen

Stainless steel Pot Pincers

  The material is rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • Lenth:229mm
  • Weight:about 254 g
  • Tax-included price:3250 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

Compared with yukihiranabe, yattokonabe does not occupy a place relatively, because it has no handle. If you need a big pot, yattokonabe will be easier to use than yukihiranabe.
It is uncommon way to hold pan with pincers. Please take care sufficiently of accident.

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