Yukihiranabe made of thick plate

DON Aluminum Yukihiranabe

This is Yukihiranabe made of thick matterial for business.
Yukihiranabe is very popular one-handle pot in Japan. Though our product is for business, it is also used in family kitchen.
There are several theories about the origin of the name. It is said that "Yukihira" is related to ARIWARA no Yukihira(818-893) who is a famous nobleman as a poet in Heian period.
The "DON" series is a classic series for business that is made of AS3905 hard aluminum alloy, and realizes high thermal conductivity and high cost performance. It is a product of AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD , which is one of the leading nonferrous metal manufacturers in Japan.

Inner diameterDepthThicknessCapacityWeightTax-included
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15cm60mm1.7mm0.8 Litre0.26kg1390 yen
17cm65mm1.7mm1.1 Litre0.28kg1490 yen
18cm70mm1.7mm1.4 Litre0.33kg1630 yen
20cm75mm1.8mm1.8 Litre0.42kg1870 yen
21cm80mm2.0mm2.2 Litre0.51kg2170 yen
23cm85mm2.2mm2.6 Litre0.6kg2510 yen
24cm90mm2.4mm3.2 Litre0.73kg2920 yen
26cm100mm2.6mm4.2 Litre0.9kg4690 yen
27cm110mm2.7mm5.1 Litre1.05kg5100 yen
30cm120mm2.7mm7 Litre1.25kg5980 yen

Lid of Yukihiranabe

This is a lid of yukihiranabe made by AKAO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD.
Originally, yukihiranabe has no lid. But, it is requested by some users especialy used in family. So, maker supplies them for only limited size ones. It is manufactured only for yukihiranabe of multiples size of 3.
The knob has been changed from wooden to black plastic sequentially.

SizeOuter diameterTax-included
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for 15cm170mm780 yen
for 18cm188mm840 yen
for 21cm222mm910 yen
for 24cm250mm1020 yen
for 27cm282mm1290 yen
for 30cm314mm1490 yen

Notes on using and purchasing

A size of about 15 to 21 cm is easy to use at home.
The inside may turns to black or brown after using. This is a kind of oxide film and it is not unhealthy. As you boil water in which rice is washed before use, it is an effective to prevent discoloration.

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